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10 Ways To Recover Control Of Life With MS

When you’re diagnosed with a chronic illness, you are suddenly thrust into an unfamiliar world, and it doesn’t come with a user guide. All of a sudden you’re feeling like you have lost control and you’re left wondering if you will ever get it back. When I was diagnosed with MS, I found myself searching for ways of coping and navigating life with this illness. Over the course of my MS journey, I have discovered skills that have helped me recover control in my life. Skills that put me back into the driver’s seat.

Today I want to share some of the things I have learnt that have made the biggest impact towards recovering control of my life.

Recovering Control Over MS

The following skills gave me the confidence that I was going to be able to navigate life with MS successfully.

10 Ways I Recovered Control Of Life With MS

1. Learning how to advocate for myself so that I always had my opinions and wished respected when it came to the management of my health.

2. Understanding what triggered flare-ups or exacerbated my symptoms.

3. Learning that it was ok to put my health first because taking good care of my health allowed me to do more.

4. Adapting how I respond and deal with stress so I can minimise the likely hood of it triggering flare-ups.

5. Learning to say no and setting boundaries with friends and family to protect me from overcommitting and minimising disappointment if I had to change plans for health reasons.

6. Planning and scheduling rest periods during my day and pacing myself so I didn’t burn out too early.

7. Practicing self-forgiveness instead of feeling guilty when my health prevented me from doing something.

8. Creating a support network made up of peers, friends and family along with healthcare professionals who I could rely on for support.

9. Planning for the future and discussing a plan of action for worst-case scenarios with my support network, in advance, so that we can immediately take action should they happen.

10. Embracing that change is inevitable and learning to roll with the punches and not being a stick in the mud.

These were some of the fundamental skills that helped me move forward and regain control over my life after my MS diagnosis.

I will be going into more depth on how I have used these skills in my own life throughout the remainder of the year.

In the meantime…

Coming Up Next Week

I’ll be sharing some helpful tips and resources that I use to help identify if I am experiencing an MS relapse.

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