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Managing Holiday Energy Levels

Last month was MS Awareness month, which ended with world MS day on the 31st of May. In case you’re wondering why you didn’t hear from me on this important day in the MS calendar…well, that’s because I went on a holiday. This has been my first proper holiday since I was diagnosed. I’m not counting last years vacation where I was sick in bed at the hotel for the whole week. While the rest of the world was becoming more aware of Multiple Sclerosis. I was taking a bit of a break from my illness.

Coast Holiday

Before I went away, I had debated whether to continue blogging while I was on vacation. Considering how long it has been since I’ve had a proper holiday, I made the decision to try and completely remove myself from my MS as much as possible. I came to the conclusion that this would mean taking a bit of a break from my blog as well. Self-care first, right? So my apologies for the hiatus but the coast was calling my name.

Fellow spoonies may be able to relate to this, but I was concerned about my energy levels as I was already pretty worn out before going away.  One of my biggest concerns about going away on vacation was that I would not have enough spoons to do everything that I wanted to do, and then I’d leave feeling disappointed. I decided worst case scenario I can just sit by the beach and let the ocean breeze work its magic.

I am happy to report that on my holiday I was able to do everything that I had set out to do.  In fact, at the end of the vacation, I think I actually ended up with a few more extra spoons…win!

It is the first week of winter here which you may think is an odd time of year for a beach holiday. To me, it’s the perfect time to go on a vacation. It’s not too hot, so I won’t have to contend with symptom flare ups due to the heat. It’s quiet because kids are at school and as it’s the off season there are hardly any tourists about. So no jostling for space or stressful crowds. I had a lot of places to myself. Also, the beach in the quiet of winter can be a very peaceful and restorative place, I think I enjoy it so much more than in summer.

Managing my energy while on vacation

I went about managing my energy by looking at what sort of things I wanted to do ahead of time and made a holiday ‘wish list’. I set aside one day for each thing on my list. For example, on the first day, I went shopping, the next day it was a trip to the zoo.

Seal colonyI also managed an excursion to see a seal colony on a tiny island off the coast. It was such a wonderful way to end the vacation. I left this to last as I anticipated it would use up a lot of energy and I could recover from the energy drain on my way home. While returning from the island by boat, like icing on the cake to top off a wonderful week. I got to see three humpback whales as they came up for air while they passed the boat. It was such a surprise as we were all advised by the boat’s captain it would be rare to see one pass by at this time of year. It was such an astonishing sight. I felt so dwarfed by them, and the wake they left behind left our boat bobbing around in the water like a cork.

Committing only one activity per day meant I could simply shuffle around activities based on energy and weather. I didn’t have too much crammed in so when I had extra energy I was able to do extra stuff. I also planned one ‘pyjama’ day for my holiday, so I could rest if I needed it. In the end, instead of resting, I got bored and went out fishing instead!

Holiday Success

In the end, I got to do everything I wanted as well as a couple of extra things. I came back happy to be home and feeling rejuvenated.

I didn’t have any complaints or problems with my MS while I was away apart from the usual aches and pains. I managed my pain with my new Oska Pulse which just arrived before I went away. Thankfully this meant I didn’t need to take pain relief while I was away which can make me drowsy. I plan to write a full product review for the Oska Pulse in the future, so far so good though.

By the end of my break, I did start to miss some of my creature comforts that I couldn’t take with me. Most of all my dog who was having a little holiday of her own. So my apologies for my absence. I’m back and full of energy again so I’m pretty keen to get back to blogging and kicking some serious MS butt.

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