Vitamin E is famous for its anti-oxidant properties that help in strengthening the immune system as well as for glowing skin. It also promotes hair growth and has many benefits related to skin and body that can do wonders if taken at regular intervals. The nutritious benefits of vitamin e can be found from several sources, such as food, capsules, beauty products, beard oils, etc.

Vitamin E is also known for providing aid in the enhancement of beard growth. It pampers and nourishes the skin of your face that grows soft beard hair. Applying vitamin E on your face or beard is quite a strategic task for men, as most men are generally ignorant about the skincare regime they should follow.

Is Vitamin E Good for Beard Growth?

Merits of using vitamin E on your face for amazing results

Decreases itchiness

If you have an ingrown hair that is causing inflammation and redness on your skin, and then applying vitamin E oil over that particular area might give you some relief from itchiness. The redness will be gone away within four to five applications. For faster results, you can also try in-taking vitamin E capsules once or twice a day.

Rejuvenates skin

Vitamin E helps in nourishment and nurturing your skin as its mandatory food. Your skin needs hydration from time to time. Having vitamin E supplements improves the texture of the surface of your whole body.

Softens beard texture

This vitamin is famous for its excellent cherishing features of surpassing the consistency of your beard. It forms a regular pattern of your beard after every trim or cut. After this, you will be going to get an idea about its upcoming length in how much period.

Boosts hair growth

Generally, the average growth of a man’s beard is known to be half an inch per month. But, after applying vitamin E oil on your face twice a day, plus eating vitamin E capsules as prescribed, will extend and stimulate the beard growth rate tremendously.

Thickening of hair

Generally, thick hairs are not supposed to be soft. But vitamin E provides both the benefits. Along with the tendering qualities, it also contains characteristics of thickening of beard hair within a few months.

Is Vitamin E Good for Beard Growth?

Enhances self-confidence

If the hairs of your beard are thicker than before and softer than before, it will give symmetry to your face, which naturally will increase your self-esteem in public. It can also lead you to success.

Improves blood circulation

Massaging with beard oil or any cream consisting of vitamin E in it will guarantee promotes the circulation levels of your blood at higher rates. Massaging is always known for leading to more glowing and attractive looking skin.

Sources of vitamin E for beard growth

As beard oils

There is a wide range of beauty products having vitamin E available in the market; beard oil is one of them. Vitamin E is preferred to be one of the best vitamins for beard growth. These are the most favorite beauty product of men, among others, due to the ease of applying. These can be used after shower by taking on the tips of your fingers and before bedtime massaging deeply into your skin follicles.

Is Vitamin E Good for Beard Growth?

Enriched foods

Numerous edible items have vitamin E in them, like nuts, corn, peanuts, sunflower oil, soybean, etc. they are flooded with vitamins and minerals, and primarily it provides vitamin E at higher amounts than other foods.

In the form of capsules

Capsules of vitamin E are getting famous in the market in the way of supplements. Though, they should be taken with the proper prescription of an endocrinologist (doctor of hormones) or any dermatologist (doctor for skin) because they might cause some side effects if taken excessively. So, one should be cautious before in-taking any supplements into their body.

In face washes

Nowadays, there are a lot of face washes for men prevailing in the beauty market that contains vitamin E into it. They might or might not be 100% authentic. Hence, it is advisable to verify the ingredients of the face wash that you are willing to buy.

In creams or gels

Is Vitamin E Good for Beard Growth?

Certain creams or gels explicitly manufactured for men contain vitamin E in them for the stimulation of beard hair. These creams might be greasy or non-greasy, depending upon its mentioned type on the packaging. Some night gels are also available for enhancing the growth of beard in minimum time. These gels are mostly transparent and non-greasy, which are quite handy to use before bedtime.


Factors affecting the rate of beard growth

  • Hormonal imbalance: your beard hair growing at an increasing rate or decreasing rate, this all might depend on the changing of hormones taking place in your body. Girls can also get facial hair at the period around puberty. Increasing testosterone hormone is the cause of more hair growth on the face.
  • Polluting environment: if you regularly step outside without covering your face, then the pollutants and germs might enter the opened pores in your skin. Thus, it is always suggested by dermatologists to wrap up your look while going outside. Harmful ultraviolet radiation coming from the Sun might also be one of the reasons for lousy beard hair texture.
  • Poor diet: diet plays an important role. If you are eating skipping meals, especially breakfast, and your body lacks vital vitamins, then your skin will not get a sufficient amount of hydrations and minerals, which it generally deserves. Hence, it is highly recommended to eat well and eat good food at proper timings.

Moreover, if you want to increase the length and thickness of your beard, then regular exercise and yoga might also help. Try reducing in-take of oily foods as this increases the secretion of sebum (oil) from the sebaceous glands present in our skin. Also, regularly massage your skin follicles with herbal beard oil and try to eat organic capsules of vitamin E. preservatives in these things, such as parabene, should be avoided.