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Losing Track Of Time While Trying To Gain Control Over My Chronic Pain

It’s been a bit quiet here on the blog recently. It seems I’ve lost track of time while I’ve been away dealing with a pesky problem called chronic pain.

Managing Chronic Pain

How Friends Can Bring You Back To Reality

It was thanks to messages from some friends who also follow the blog that made me realise this. My close friends know I have a history of ‘dropping off’ the social radar and there’s always a reason why.

A: I’ve become ‘super focused’ on something, developed tunnel vision, and have lost track of time and the world around me.


B: Something is wrong, and I’ve stopped communicating.

The latter is something I used to do quite frequently when I suffered from depression, since my recovery I’ve learnt that reaching out for help can fix things sooner than if I shut people out, so I have become better at communicating when things get bad.

I still have work to do on not forgetting to come up for air when I become ‘super focused’ it seems.

As I had a history of going quiet when I really could use a friend, I got a message the other day saying….”RUOK.”

The answer was yes I am ok….quite good actually.

“How is the blog going?”

I had to pause for a second…how long had it been? I checked back on the date of my last post…I had lost track of time it seems. I had been so busy trying to find a way to manage my chronic pain.My Experiences With Chronic PainChronic Pain

If it were an isolated incident, I wouldn’t consider my chronic pain as high on the pain scale…but when it’s there every day, all the time, it had become a significant barrier in my life. I was beginning to lose energy and motivation because no matter what I did, where I went….I was in pain. It’s tiring, and it had put a big chink in my spoonie armour. I finally had enough, and I had to do something about it.

Just a bit of background for you.

Ever since the beginning of this year, one by one old MS symptoms, as well as other aches and pains, had started coming back. At first, I was coping ok and just got on with my life despite it. Then it began to impede on my ability to do things. It got to the extent that I started to think I was having a relapse. The MS Nurse explained that as these were old symptoms, it was most likely a pseudo relapse. My neurologist ordered a new MRI scan once I began reporting problems with my eye sight.

Thankfully the scans showed no new or active lesions. However it was starting to feel like my old remitting symptoms, that would typically come and go, were here to stay.

For this reason, I took time away from writing to try and get on top of my pain. I didn’t intend to be away for so long, but as my pain had multiple causes and needed various interventions getting to the source of the problem has taken some time. I’m happy to report I am now winning the fight against my chronic pain.

My Pain Management Journey

Now I’m buzzing with motivation again, and I have a lot of things I want to share with you about my pain management journey. As I said there had been various approaches I have had to use, and I will be writing about each of these soon.

Just a bit of a list of things I will be tackling in the future:

–           Joint pain and interventions I have tried, including a product review for the OskaPulse;

–           Neurological pain and my success with exercise for pain management and chronic fatigue;

–           A gym and group fitness guide for people with a chronic illness.

While I finish work on those topics if you’re looking for new posts to read you can catch up with some guest posts I had the pleasure to write for Everyday Health and The Essential Life.

Everyday Health

The Wide-Ranging Impact of Multiple Sclerosis on My Social Circle

The Essential Life

Self Care Challenge: Making Time For Self Care

Enjoy 😊


  1. Oh my goodness my doctor just told me that I was going through a pseudo relapse. I honestly thought she was crazy but I went home and looked it up. I wish I knew the easiest way for it to end because mine has been going on for weeks now and will not let up. I understand becoming isolated when dealing with pain. It is a terrible feeling. I sometimes just want to stay at home and not leave my couch. It is very depressing! I hope you start feeling better soon!!

    • I’m feeling much better now, thank you 😊.

      Yeah the first time I was told I was having a pseudo release I got upset because I thought the doctor was saying I was making it up… then I discovered that’s what it’s actually called. I think they should change the name!

      Sorry to hear you’re going through one right now, it’s no fun. Plenty of self care, self kindness and self forgiveness goes a long way during a pseudo relapse. Hope you feel better soon.

      • Thank you Jen! I hope you feel better as well. It is crazy we had the same thing go on. I guess maybe this is something they just discovered. Take Care of yourself!!

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