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Category: My MS Journey

Turning it off and on again - relapsing remitting MS

Relapsing Remitting MS – Turning It Off And On Again

After a set back in my health, it's easy for me to fall behind and lose the prior gains I had made. I am then left with the task of having to claw my way back to the position I was in before my relapse, but if you've had a major deterioration where do you even begin? How do I deal with the two steps forward one step back cycle of Relapsing Remitting MS (RRMS)?

Living In The Shadow Of The Black Dog

Chronic Fatigue, sadness and the danger of depression I think I might be starting to feel depressed, I'm just calling it feeling flat for now. I've been through this cycle before. I know that everything will be ok because I know how to bring myself out of it. I have the tools to get me back on track, and I've helped teach and guide others on the steps needed to fight the cycle as well. The problem is that today, I either don't have the energy or the willpower to fight it. This is what frustrates me the most about the chronic fatigue/depression combo...

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