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Category: chronic illness

Spoon Theory

Spoon Theory & Raising Awareness Through Humour

It has only been a few months into my blogging journey, and I am becoming more familiar with social media, I was not overly familiar with things like Twitter and Tumblr before. I’ve had to learn all about trends and hashtags...trying to keep up with the kinds of things people were talking about. In my trending feed one day I saw some funny posts with the hashtag SpoonieProblems. Thought it might have been a joke between two friends at first but then it popped up again and again, it was everywhere... I followed the trail to the original source and found out about spoon theory.

Inside a week of MS brain fog

Inside MS Brain Fog

MS brain fog is exactly as advertised. There is literally a fog in my mind. Take a glimpse into my week with cognitive fatigue.

Managing Poor Sleep

Managing Poor Sleep – A Night At The Sleep Clinic

There's a saying that gets used in medicine, if you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebra. It means don't go looking at uncommon causes (zebra) without checking for more common causes first (horses). Well, when it comes to my health I always assume it's the zebra. I jump to the conclusion that every little thing is MS related while ignoring that it could be something much more commonplace. Fortunately, my GP has reigned in my tendency to overreact, and now I wait for her to eliminate more common causes first.

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