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Solving My MS Puzzle: Managing Cognitive Problems

I often talk about the emotional challenges I’ve had with MS, but I’ve only really hinted about my cognitive problems. So in this weeks post, I’m going to go into a bit more depth about my cognitive issues and how I deal with those...

5 blogs that formed the foundation of my spoonie community

5 Spoonie Community Blogs I Love

In this post, I share 5 blogs I follow which have helped build my spoonie community and provided me with a sense of belonging I had longed for and have become the foundation of my spoonie community. Being diagnosed with a chronic illness in your 20's can sometimes be a lonely place. I would often find myself in situations where there was no one around in my age group. Therapy and support groups in my community were targeted to retirees, I had no one I could really relate to. That all changed when I started blogging and found that I wasn't alone,

5 sleep ideas for busy brains

5 Bedtime Solutions To Soothe A Busy Mind

I have suffered from sleep problems for most of my life. For me, the biggest problem is getting to sleep because of all the day's worries and plans would come flooding back once my head hits my pillow. Over the years I have managed to find some bedtime solutions that have helped soothe my busy mind and help get me to sleep in no time which I'd like to share with you. The following are 5 bedtime solutions I use which you might like to try out on those nights where your mind is busy making other plans.