Relapse Recovery Toolkit - 5 Step MS Relapse Recovery Plan

5 Practical Ideas To Boost Recovery After A Flare-Up

I recently wrote about rebooting after an MS relapse. After I do a reboot, I need to go about recovering and rebuilding. Today I'd like to share the ways I boost my recovery after a flare-up or relapse which includes managing my energy levels, meal planning and self-care..

5 Important Milestones On My Multiple Sclerosis Journey

5 Important Milestones From My MS Journey

This weeks post is part of A Chronic Voice's September Linkup Party September's Writing Prompts were: Resisting Learning Struggling Supporting Changing In this post, I share 5 important milestones in my MS Journey. From struggling to accept my diagnosis to learning about my illness and accepting change. I hope you enjoy this post and find some solace in knowing that no matter where you are in your journey, change will come.

Working with your doctor through self advocacy.

Self-Advocacy And Getting The Most Out Of Doctor’s Appointments

I’m writing this post from the hospital day unit, everything's fine. I'm just here to have my MS treatment changed, it's standard procedure to be under observation for your first dose. I had raised concerns with my doctor regarding my previous therapy as I was always unwell and had missed months of work.What I want to share in this post is how I approached the topic of changing meds with my specialist.