Does Your Breath Smell Worse When Pregnant?

There is a growing body of evidence that suggests that pregnant women who have periodontal disease may be more likely to have a baby who is born too soon and too small. While more research is needed, it appears that periodontal diseases cause an increase in the levels of biological fluids that can induce labor. The data also suggests that when periodontal disease worsens during pregnancy, there is an increased risk of having a baby with premature birth and low birth weight. Thus using a safe mouthwash for pregnancy is very much vital.

To help minimize the risks during pregnancy, here are some general tips and common conditions when looking for:

Women considering pregnancy should visit their dentist for a checkup and treat any oral care issues before becoming pregnant.

During pregnancy, teeth and gums need special attention. Brushing your teeth regularly at least twice a day, flossing once a day, eating a balanced diet, and visiting the dentist regularly will help you reduce dental problems that accompany pregnancy.

For some women, morning sickness is a major symptom of pregnancy. Along with nausea comes additional acid that, if left in the mouth, can erode the teeth. Be sure to rinse your mouth with water or a fluorine rinse to keep the acid level under control.

Dry mouth can put pregnant women at increased risk for problems like cavities and infections. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, and chew sugar-free gum to increase saliva production.

Does Your Breath Smell Worse When Pregnant?

To minimize the effects of pregnancy gingivitis, practice good oral hygiene: Brush your teeth twice a day, for at least two minutes each time. Floss your teeth every day. Using an antimicrobial mouthwash can also help you control inflammation of the gums and dental plaque.

As you already know, your lifestyle and habits during your pregnancy can affect your health, as well as the health of your unborn baby. With all the things you need to prepare for at this stage, your oral health may not be exactly among your priorities, however maintaining the health of your teeth and gums is necessary to avoid the risk of developing pregnancy gingivitis and establish good long-term oral health.

Postpone dental procedures during your first trimester

The first trimester of your pregnancy (the first 13 weeks) is the time when most of your baby’s major organs develop. If you see your dentist during your first trimester, tell your dentist that you are pregnant and limit yourself to routine check-up and cleaning. If possible, postpone any major dental work until after the first trimester. However, if you have a dental emergency, don’t wait! Infections in the mouth can be harmful to you and your baby. See your dentist right away and make sure all professionals who examine you know that you are pregnant.

Learn about your highest risk for gingivitis

During pregnancy, 50-70% of all women experience a condition called pregnancy gingivitis. For this reason it is essential to pay more attention to your daily brushing and flossing routine to keep the plaque under control as follows:

Use a rechargeable electronic toothbrush. Many remove more plaque than regular manual toothbrushes, and by investing in one, you can start taking steps to reduce the amount of plaque in your mouth and help prevent and reverse gingivitis.

Brush with a gingivitis toothpaste. Read the packaging carefully to make sure that the toothpaste contains anti-gingivitis ingredients.

Floss your teeth regularly. Although gingivitis causes inflammation and bleeding of your gums, you need to floss. Flossing daily can remove more plaque than just brushing, thereby helping to reduce the risk of developing pregnancy gingivitis.

Use a mouthwash against gingivitis. Applying a mouthwash without alcohol and against gingivitis is the last step to kill germs and improve your oral hygiene during pregnancy.

Take about 1200mg of calcium daily

Your teeth are made of bone-like minerals, and the calcium it takes contributes to your baby’s development. The right amount of calcium will help keep your bones strong and help build strong teeth and bones in your baby.

Know the medications you are taking

Some antibiotics and pain relievers are allowed during your pregnancy and may be necessary. However, a group of antibiotics, tetracycline, and related antibiotics may cause hypoplasia (underdevelopment) of tooth enamel and / or discoloration of permanent teeth in children. Be sure to tell your doctor that you are pregnant if he or she prescribes this medication.

Does Your Breath Smell Worse When Pregnant?

Prepare for the morning sickness

Morning sickness is nausea and vomiting that occurs frequently during pregnancy. It can occur at any time of the day. If you suffer from morning sickness, having your own emergency travel bag is a good plan. In a sturdy small bag, pack the following:

Opaque plastic bags without holes (Plastic bags from the supermarket are a good option).Wet wipes, tissues, or napkins to clean your face and mouth.

A small bottle of water to rinse your teeth and mouth. A travel-size mouthwash, toothpaste, and toothbrush to rinse stomach acids. Mouth freshener spray or mints.

Manage the changes in your mouth

During pregnancy, you may experience symptoms of dysgeusia (changing taste buds or a bad taste in your mouth) or ptialism (excessive saliva).

To help her deal with a bad taste in her mouth:

Brush frequently and gargle with a mixture of baking soda and water (1/4 teaspoon baking soda in a cup of water) to help neutralize pH levels.

Add lemon to the water, drink lemonade, or suck on a few drops of lemon. Use plastic cutlery and utensils to help lessen the metallic taste.

To help deal with increased saliva, drink plenty of fluids to swallow more often. Also, sucking on candy can provide relief.

Consult a professional before using fluorine

Undergoing any dental treatment during pregnancy does not pose risks to the baby. However, the second trimester is usually expected in the gestation period due to the use of anesthesia or some drug that could be harmful during the first weeks of fetal formation.

In addition to these keys, it is important to visit the dentist regularly during the gestation period. Good oral health during pregnancy will allow the mother to avoid various complications. The protection of the baby also goes through the protection of oral health during pregnancy.

When you get to a pharmacy, there are usually many types of mouthwashes, including the best known Listerine. From Pharmacius, in addition to being able to buy the mouthwash online at the best price. It contains methyl salicylate and alcohol as the main antiseptic (although there are some presentations that do not contain alcohol). Alcohol is a bactericide, it kills bacteria by breaking its membranes.

Why Do Men Go Bald?

You may have observed that most of the balding cases are of men. It’s a fact that women naturally don’t go Balding. But men do. So, we can change the question that Why Do Only Men Go Bald? Right? Yes. So, it means there must be some problems related to the genes of the men, right? Yes, you can’t say it’s a problem, but it’s the way men grow up. And all it is related to the hormones changes and growth.

Why Do Men Go Bald?

Men Baldness Science

Dihydrotestosterone is one of the hormones found in men, which is a highly active and most influencing hormone to the growth of the hair. It changes the gray hairs with new short length hairs and thinner hair as compared to that of old mature hair. The process of replacing the hair from the scalp is progressive, and the pattern in which the hairs get replaced natural is predictable.

Understanding the science of men Baldness will help you get the answer to your question that Why do men go bald? The process of replacing the hair by your hormones start with the thinning of your crown, and one careful man starts thinking why is it happening with him. But if he sees around, almost 50 percent of the males from his age group are suffering from this problem. American Hair Loss Association has officially declared that the cause of the hair loss in men is the androgenetic alopecia.

Why Do Men Go Bald?

Effects on age group in Men

If you are on this page and reading this article means you are suffering from the hair loss problem, but if you find that there are not any vitamins or nutritional deficiencies in your body, but still you suffer from hair loss, you are not alone. According to the survey 25 percent of the male pattern baldness start from the age of 21. He can see his hair falling out, and up to the age of 35, you can see that approximately 66 or more percent of the males see their hair fall problems. And after the period of 50, more than 85 percent of the male start facing baldness problems.

In most of the cases medication also causes the hair loss to the men. Because their dihydrotestosterone starts replacing more and more hair before the older hairs grow entirely to reach the maturity level. So, it reduces hair growth, but it increases the hair fall. And it happens because of the energy and heat that is transferred to men’s bodies. And it boosts the dihydrotestosterone.

Best Balding Shampoos

Though you can not fully control your baldness, because your dihydrotestosterone will always work for replacing your hair from your scalps. But you can control it to the particular level of the hair fall. That can give you satisfaction in seeing your hair. We will discuss some of the best balding shampoos only designed for men, especially considering the hormones changes.

Why Do Men Go Bald?

ArtNatirals Organic Argan Oil Hair Loss Shampoo

Its all-natural hair fall shampoo comes from the ArtNatirals, and the shampoo uses the healing properties of the natural organics, which can help your hair, scalps, skin, and follicles of your hair. It covers your hair from the tip of the nose to the roots of the hair. The main ingredients are vitamin E and fatty acids. This product contains biotins, caffeine and saw palmetto. The product is specially designed for men, you females also can use this product. The product is safe and secure for your hair. It stops hair fall and conditions your hair.

Pura D’Or original gold label anti thinning Shampoo

This shampoo contains lots of healthy ingredients for your hair, it gives strength to the existing strands of your hair to stop hair fall, and it prevents future Hair fall from new hair also. It comes with more than 17 active ingredients that are required to boost your hair growth. Along the promoting your hair growth, it also stops the hair fall and starts growing new hair. If you are looking for best balding shampoo you should go to buy this product. It gives strength to the hair, it is sufficient for both male and female, it also has benefits of being a cheaper product as compared to any other products.

Pure Biology Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo

This shampoo comes with lots of necessary ingredients to boost up your hair growth and to stop your hair fall. It completely replaces the health of your hair, skin, scalps, and the follicles. It is a unisex product, that means both the gender of male and female can use this product to solve their hair fall problems. Especially men, who have the question that Why Do Men Go Bald? We should try this product once, and they will surely get a visible difference. This Stimulating Shampoo comes with a purely natural formula. So, there is no need to worry about side-effects.

Effective ways to use your Hair Loss Shampoo

Before applying the shampoo, wash your hair once. Apply the shampoo will lightweight, you should be careful for not breaking any of the strands. It would be best if you let the shampoo soak a few minutes on your hair strands. Again apply some water and start messaging it. Use these shampoos at least 5 days a week. It will surely give you desired results for stopping your hair fall problems.


By understanding the science of the balding in Men, we can conclude that the hormones changes in men are the main reason for natural hair fall. So the question that Why Do Men Go Bald? Is solved here by understanding the science of baldness in Men. If you are one of them and looking for best balding shampoo? It would be best if you went for the above-discussed products along with the way to use them. It will help you stop your hair fall, and you will see the viable difference and helps you naturally grow your hair, and it can strengthen existing strands, and it prevents the inevitable hair fall.

Is Vitamin E Good for Beard Growth?

Vitamin E is famous for its anti-oxidant properties that help in strengthening the immune system as well as for glowing skin. It also promotes hair growth and has many benefits related to skin and body that can do wonders if taken at regular intervals. The nutritious benefits of vitamin e can be found from several sources, such as food, capsules, beauty products, beard oils, etc.

Vitamin E is also known for providing aid in the enhancement of beard growth. It pampers and nourishes the skin of your face that grows soft beard hair. Applying vitamin E on your face or beard is quite a strategic task for men, as most men are generally ignorant about the skincare regime they should follow.

Is Vitamin E Good for Beard Growth?

Merits of using vitamin E on your face for amazing results

Decreases itchiness

If you have an ingrown hair that is causing inflammation and redness on your skin, and then applying vitamin E oil over that particular area might give you some relief from itchiness. The redness will be gone away within four to five applications. For faster results, you can also try in-taking vitamin E capsules once or twice a day.

Rejuvenates skin

Vitamin E helps in nourishment and nurturing your skin as its mandatory food. Your skin needs hydration from time to time. Having vitamin E supplements improves the texture of the surface of your whole body.

Softens beard texture

This vitamin is famous for its excellent cherishing features of surpassing the consistency of your beard. It forms a regular pattern of your beard after every trim or cut. After this, you will be going to get an idea about its upcoming length in how much period.

Boosts hair growth

Generally, the average growth of a man’s beard is known to be half an inch per month. But, after applying vitamin E oil on your face twice a day, plus eating vitamin E capsules as prescribed, will extend and stimulate the beard growth rate tremendously.

Thickening of hair

Generally, thick hairs are not supposed to be soft. But vitamin E provides both the benefits. Along with the tendering qualities, it also contains characteristics of thickening of beard hair within a few months.

Is Vitamin E Good for Beard Growth?

Enhances self-confidence

If the hairs of your beard are thicker than before and softer than before, it will give symmetry to your face, which naturally will increase your self-esteem in public. It can also lead you to success.

Improves blood circulation

Massaging with beard oil or any cream consisting of vitamin E in it will guarantee promotes the circulation levels of your blood at higher rates. Massaging is always known for leading to more glowing and attractive looking skin.

Sources of vitamin E for beard growth

As beard oils

There is a wide range of beauty products having vitamin E available in the market; beard oil is one of them. Vitamin E is preferred to be one of the best vitamins for beard growth. These are the most favorite beauty product of men, among others, due to the ease of applying. These can be used after shower by taking on the tips of your fingers and before bedtime massaging deeply into your skin follicles.

Is Vitamin E Good for Beard Growth?

Enriched foods

Numerous edible items have vitamin E in them, like nuts, corn, peanuts, sunflower oil, soybean, etc. they are flooded with vitamins and minerals, and primarily it provides vitamin E at higher amounts than other foods.

In the form of capsules

Capsules of vitamin E are getting famous in the market in the way of supplements. Though, they should be taken with the proper prescription of an endocrinologist (doctor of hormones) or any dermatologist (doctor for skin) because they might cause some side effects if taken excessively. So, one should be cautious before in-taking any supplements into their body.

In face washes

Nowadays, there are a lot of face washes for men prevailing in the beauty market that contains vitamin E into it. They might or might not be 100% authentic. Hence, it is advisable to verify the ingredients of the face wash that you are willing to buy.

In creams or gels

Is Vitamin E Good for Beard Growth?

Certain creams or gels explicitly manufactured for men contain vitamin E in them for the stimulation of beard hair. These creams might be greasy or non-greasy, depending upon its mentioned type on the packaging. Some night gels are also available for enhancing the growth of beard in minimum time. These gels are mostly transparent and non-greasy, which are quite handy to use before bedtime.

Factors affecting the rate of beard growth

  • Hormonal imbalance: your beard hair growing at an increasing rate or decreasing rate, this all might depend on the changing of hormones taking place in your body. Girls can also get facial hair at the period around puberty. Increasing testosterone hormone is the cause of more hair growth on the face.
  • Polluting environment: if you regularly step outside without covering your face, then the pollutants and germs might enter the opened pores in your skin. Thus, it is always suggested by dermatologists to wrap up your look while going outside. Harmful ultraviolet radiation coming from the Sun might also be one of the reasons for lousy beard hair texture.
  • Poor diet: diet plays an important role. If you are eating skipping meals, especially breakfast, and your body lacks vital vitamins, then your skin will not get a sufficient amount of hydrations and minerals, which it generally deserves. Hence, it is highly recommended to eat well and eat good food at proper timings.

Moreover, if you want to increase the length and thickness of your beard, then regular exercise and yoga might also help. Try reducing in-take of oily foods as this increases the secretion of sebum (oil) from the sebaceous glands present in our skin. Also, regularly massage your skin follicles with herbal beard oil and try to eat organic capsules of vitamin E. preservatives in these things, such as parabene, should be avoided.

How to Use a Face Mask and How It Deserve a Special Place in Your Beauty Regimen

Identifying your preferred celebrities and blog writers publishing selfies with face masks on is quite typical nowadays. This is because a facial mask is the simplest way to accomplishing clear and radiant skin. The targeted advantages of a face mask go a long way in making your skin look perfect without you needing to put in a lot of efforts.

How to Use a Face Mask

Deep cleanses

Your day-to-day cleaning regimen does not really remove the dirt and pollutants that are caught deep inside your skin pores. Masks provide a much deeper clean than your everyday cleanser (without all the effort!). Best Japanese face mask also permeate deep inside your pores to completely cleanse your skin and eliminate dead skin. This procedure is what leaves your skin definitely glowing.

Minimizes skin flaws

Weekly masking is the most significant trick to make your skin look perfect. Cleansed pores offer your skin a healthy look and improve your pores.

Supply targeted action

The numerous options in sheet masks offer you the liberty and benefit to pick one that completely fit your skin type and its unique needs. From clay masks for oily skin to gel based ones for dry, there is a sheet mask for everybody.

Enhances blood circulation

Did you know that face masks, specifically the peel-off ones really assist with blood circulation? The peeling or the scrubbing action while removing the face mask promotes and broadens capillary, supplying needed nutrition to the skin and enhancing its total texture. After removing a face mask, the skin restores its radiance, leaving it smoother and softer.

Offers relaxation

It is essential to indulge in a weekend relaxing session with the assistance of a sheet mask. Can you think about anything much better than 20-30 minutes dedicated to ourselves with a mask on? Clean skin and a relaxed mind, what is there not to love?

Leading Advantages Of Utilizing A Face Mask

Once your everyday skin care routine remains in place, looking after your skin is relatively basic. Often your skin simply needs an extra increase to keep it looking and feeling healthy. When this occurs, what do you do? The response is basic … use a face mask. The power of a face mask is typically undervalued, however they have lots of advantages which will leave you questioning why you have not used them faster! Continue reading to find out whatever you need to know about these extraordinary skin care saviours.

Attain Instant Results

Most skin care items need to be used constantly to make a visible distinction to your skin. These are necessary to keep your skin in excellent condition throughout the year. In some cases you simply require it look much better right away for crucial occasions like job interviews or dates. Face masks have the power to do precisely that by immediately enhancing your skin. Developed to fine-tune pores, extract pollutants, boost hydration and level complexion simultaneously, a face mask is a vital item for your grooming cabinet.

Target Every Skin Issue

Similar to your moisturizers and cleansers, face masks are also particularly fit to different skin types and issues. There are a lot of variations of face masks; no matter how problematic your skin may be, you’re ensured to find one which will rapidly and quickly deal with whatever issues you may experience. Ensure to explore our whole series of face masks available.

Deeply Clean

Utilizing a day-to-day cleanser keeps pollutants, oil and germs from developing on your skin, however they do not tend to clean deep into the pores. Utilizing a face mask a couple of times a week will provide your skin that extra increase and extract dirt from deep below the external layer of skin. They are more reliable than a regular cleanser, however ensure not to use one frequently. Overuse will remove your skin of its natural protective barrier, increasing level of sensitivity and excess oil production.

Which Face Mask Is Right For Me?

If you have dry skin, select a cream or sheet mask to offer extra hydration. For oily or acne-prone skin, select a clay or mud mask to extract pollutants, leaving you with clearer skin. If you experience delicate skin, choose a natural mask to prevent inflammation.

Sheet Mask

How to Use a Face Mask

Generally bought separately for one use, a sheet mask is a product face-shaped mask taken in extremely moisturising serum for softening and smoothing skin. Sheet masks lighten up, relieve and renew the skin to remove fine lines and wrinkles and include a healthy radiance. Due to the slippery texture, rest once used so it does not slip off.

Clay Mask

Best for typical and oily skin types, these deep cleaning masks soak up excess oil and unblock pores without removing the skin. Always wait till it has totally dried before cleaning off for the most efficient results.

How to Use a Face Mask

Peel-Off Mask

Best for dry skin, a peel-off mask momentarily tightens up skin and promotes facial blood supply. By controling sebum production, it cleanses skin, minimizing the look of imperfections and blackheads. To remove, just peel from the forehead in a downwards motion so all of it comes off in one piece.

How to Use a Face Mask

Cream Mask

They usually consist of components such as Hyaluronic Acid to offer a rise of hydration, bring back natural brilliance. After utilizing a cream face mask, your skin will feel soft, smooth and revitalized.

Mud Mask

Comparable to the clay mask, mud masks are cleansing and cleansing utilizing natural clays and muds from the earth. What makes them different is that mud masks are best for their capability to accelerate skin recovery. By tightening up the collagen fibers, they energise, noticeably lift and lighten up the skin for younger, healthy, radiant skin.


Face masks are multi-functional because a single item can target numerous skin issues concurrently. Wand to minimize the exposure of fine lines and wrinkles, while exfoliating the skin at the same time? Wish to hydrate the skin while restoring skin cells? Perhaps you wish to promoting blood circulation and have smooth, radiant skin? No matter what your needs, there is always a face mask out there for you. It’s no surprise that face masks stay among my preferred beauty actions.

Bottom line

It is well worth the time, effort, and financial investment to yourself by including it into your weekly beauty skin care schedule!

Stress Less With MS: Christmas Holiday Survival Tips

This week’s post is part of A Chronic Voice’s December Linkup Party: A monthly get together for people with chronic illness to share and learn from each other’s experiences.

December’s writing prompts were:

My contribution to this month’s Linkup is all about surviving the Christmas holidays with MS. This includes strategies such as preparing opportunities for self-care and rest, as well as gift giving ideas that don’t require a trip to the shops.

Recovering: An update from the author

At long last, I’m back at my desk after several weeks of battling a horrible cold/flu thing. What a nuisance that has been!

My cold wasn’t very serious, the only problem was I spent many nights awake coughing, so I got very little sleep. As you can imagine, this made my fatigue worse than usual, so I had to stop writing for a bit and focus on recovering for a while.

So what have I been doing since my last post?

Mostly I’ve been focusing on self-care and coaxing my body back to health.

On top of all that I’ve been trying to get ready for Christmas. Something I don’t look forward to that much. I’m not a complete Grinch, I love spending time with family and I enjoy all the yummy food. It’s just that I often get sick during this time, which can kinda ruin the festive mood.

With all that in mind, I thought this month’s Linkup Party would be the perfect opportunity to get back into some blogging and share some of my holiday coping strategies with you all.

Enjoy 🙂

MS Holiday Survival Tips

1. Preparing

Instead of watching my diet, avoiding triggers and getting plenty of exercise, I overindulge and try to cram too much into a short period of time. As a result, my symptoms flare up, and everyday nasties like a cold or flu take advantage, and I fall ill.Christmas can be quite stressful, and I often get sick during long holiday breaks like Easter and Christmas. I guess this happens because the holidays cause a significant disruption to my wellness routine.

The way I make sure holiday celebrations don’t disrupt my routine is by including plenty of opportunities for self-care and rest. The way I make sure this happens is by discussing holiday plans with my family and friends well in advance. This way we can plan out the holiday period together and avoid holiday burnout.

When making holiday plans I:

  • Keep things flexible in case of fatigue or flare-ups.
  • I’m realistic about what I can and can’t manage.
  • Stick close to home so I can rest/make sure I have somewhere to rest if I’m away.
  • Discuss attendance when I have multiple invitations – The most important get-togethers are prioritesed & organise catch ups with people I missed after the holidays.

And as tempting as it may be, I’m not superwoman…So don’t over commit!

2. Shopping & Gift Giving

Shopping during Christmas is stressful and tiring. It can cost me a full day’s worth of spoons before I even set foot in a store.

Normally, I like to go out and do the shopping, but due to my persistent coughing, I did the bulk of my Christmas shopping online this year. Not only did it save me spoons but it kept me out of the summer heat – It’s an especially hot Christmas here in the southern hemisphere…anyone interested in trading places? 😉

Being a spoonie also means I don’t have a lot of extra cash for gifts. So instead of purchasing presents, I get creative with my gift giving ideas.

Instead of buying something I like to give IOU coupons. This is mostly for things that my family can do together or things I can do for them to show my appreciation.

So despite a shaky start to the holiday’s, with a bit of pre-planning and some creative gift ideas, I’m ready for Christmas. I can’t wait to enjoy some much-needed quality time with my friends and family.

I wish everyone a safe, happy & healthy (or healthy-ish) holiday and don’t forget to check out the amazing submissions for this month’s Linkup Party.

Chiara 🙂

The Millennial Patient

Rediscovering Healthy Habits & Cherishing The Simple Things

This week’s post is part of A Chronic Voice’s November Linkup Party which is a monthly get together for people with chronic illness to share and learn from each other’s experiences. November’s Writing Prompts were: Discovering Rediscovering Anticipating Decluttering Cherishing This month, I will be writing about what I have been up to recently…

Granting Myself A Health-Life Balance

Have you ever been a bit too overambitious and used up way more spoons than you have? Have you ever tried to cram too much into your day, despite the fact that you know there would be consequences if you did? Well, that’s what’s happened to me these last few weeks, and as a result, I am EXHAUSTED!! I’ve spent the last week recovering from my error in judgement, and I’ve been thinking of what compelled me to bite off more than I knew I could chew. Was I testing my capabilities? Maybe. Or was it something else?

3 Things I Would Say To The Newly Diagnosed

This post is inspired by Shift MS’ Youtube channel MS Reporters. MS reporters is a video library chock full of amazing content made by MSers for MSers, and I’m just loving this resource! They have a comprehensive video collection for people who are newly diagnosed where experts share three things every newly diagnosed MSer should know, and it got me thinking, what would be the 3 things I would say to someone newly diagnosed with MS? There were just so many things that came to mind, but when it came to narrowing it down to just 3 things I immediately focused on one of the hardest things I had to deal with: The emotions of being newly diagnosed.

Life With MS: How I Sustain My Motivation

This weeks post is part of A Chronic Voice’s October Linkup Party which is a monthly get together for people with chronic illness to share and learn from each other’s experiences. October’s Writing Prompts were: – Inspiring – Dreaming – Reducing – Creating – Listening My response to this month’s writing prompt is about how I maintain motivation despite my MS.